Hosting Control Panel NewOne

6 сентября

Owners of a startup, which provides cloud hosting services, needed to quickly launch a friendly admin area. We decided to use Google’s Material Design language:

Service of apartment reservations VKrent

8 августа

VKRent aggregates ads about the rental of real estate in one place. The most live base is here. We made it comfortable and beautiful:

Industrial Air Conditioning Sputnik

2 августа

Industrial air conditioners are designed for data centers, telecommunication facilities, laboratory and other technological premises that require precise maintenance of climatic parameters. To control the air conditioning, we created a custom touch interface.

Mobile app “Bus Tracker”

6 октября

We made an app for tracking public transport. Through Bus Tracker you can find right transport routes and when next bus will arrive:

TeachBase site

25 мая

We made a new website for our old friends, the learning system TeachBase. It includes all necessary information about their product on one big page:

Landing page FitDriver

22 мая

Working out is good and cool but sometimes we dont have time for it. The FitDriver is a startup that lets you schedule a training session with a personal trainer. All training takes place online through Skype or Hangouts. We made a short and useful description for this service:

Landing page

5 ноября

The landing page of the company They lease auto and air game simulators. Nothing odd on the first page. Just the menu, the title and “call to action” button.

Mambini User Interface

28 октября

Mambini helps parents to buy goods in internet shops with discounts. We made all screens for this startup. It looks beautiful and functional.

Mobile app “CookPic”

8 сентября

“CookPic” is a recipe book with social network elements. Beautiful photos and simple flat design — the main ingredients of this dish.

New interface of education startup TeachBase

5 сентября

TeachBase is a new education startup. This is a big project with a lot of screens and design elements. We happy to show part of this hard and interesting work.