Industrial Air Conditioning Sputnik

2 августа

Industrial air conditioners are designed for data centers, telecommunication facilities, laboratory and other technological premises that require precise maintenance of climatic parameters. To control the air conditioning, we created a custom touch interface.

Mobile app “Bus Tracker”

6 октября

We made an app for tracking public transport. Through Bus Tracker you can find right transport routes and when next bus will arrive:

Landing page FitDriver

22 мая

Working out is good and cool but sometimes we dont have time for it. The FitDriver is a startup that lets you schedule a training session with a personal trainer. All training takes place online through Skype or Hangouts. We made a short and useful description for this service:

Mambini User Interface

28 октября

Mambini helps parents to buy goods in internet shops with discounts. We made all screens for this startup. It looks beautiful and functional.