Our best guidelines

17 October

Only developers can enjoy our beautiful interface guides. There we describe the styles, principles of the interface organization and show all the changes in the states of the elements.

For small projects, we confine ourselves to assembling all the hovers, drop-down menus and alerts in one layout:

GUI Vershi

For complex projects, we develop giant guides. They allow developers to collect projects without doing their own creative work:

Grand GUI

Even a small widget requires its UI Kit:

UI Kit widget

Only the elite can enjoy such interface porn:

UI kit porn

Fields show active and inactive states, errors, fonts. Buttons, links, hovers, drop-downs, pop-ups, selections, sliders, lists, alerts, everything is collected and described:

UI Kit vershi

We show interactions with non-standard solutions:

UI Kit tralala

If you need animation, we show how everything should work in live-mode:

GUI Animation

If you like it as well as we do, write to us. Let’s be in touch!

Stay tuned