Washing Machine User Interface

14 January

Prokhim produces equipment for laundries and dry cleaners. These are large professional machines for washing, drying and dry cleaning. Their equipment is oriented to large specialized companies, it serves the needs of medical centers, restaurants, kindergartens and many other businesses where a lot of washing is required.

For a new washing machine with a color touch screen, we developed a touch interface:

Интерфейс стиральной машины. Главный экран

An operator selects a program on the main display. Brief information about the program helps to eliminate errors and prevent damage to laundry during washing.

Washing can be started from any step. This is convenient in case of an unexpected stop:


The display contains all the information important for an operator, allowing to monitor the compliance of the technological process:


A technologist can adjust the washing parameters or create own programs:


For the main programs, we studied the world practice of designating modes and produced cute icons:


The manufacturer managed to adopt the interface and introduce new equipment within a very short time:


Industrial washing machines have never been so easy and convenient to use ;) We hope thousands of consumers will appreciate it.

We are grateful to Prokhim and its manager Yakov Firon for the successful collaboration.

Stay Tuned!