Interface and guidelines for Krona

16 April

With the help of “Krona” real estate appraisers create exhaustive reports on the condition of apartments, office and industrial premises. For this service, we developed a strict and functional interface and created a detailed UI kit.

Сервис “Крона” предназначен для оценщиков недвижимости. С его помощью оценщики создают отчеты о

The service is developed by its own development team, so the guidelines allow them to quickly implement the new functionality while maintaining a unified approach to design and structure of the interface:

For inputs, there are several possibilities. In some cases, appraisers have to fill in the fields with typical data or variants of wording. For such cases, we proposed custom inputs:

For elements, states are studied: when hovering, clicking, focusing, inactive:

Selects, date and time:

Reports contain many parameters. To simplify the perception the fields are united in the semantic groups:

There is a uniform approach to the components of the system. Menu, filters, paging:

Modal windows allow you to get information or enter additional parameters without leaving the main page:

To indicate the location of real estate, the functionality of the maps has been worked out:

Hundreds of reports should be displayed in the form of simple and concise tables:

An important feature of the system is file upload. These can be photos of real estate or documentation:

Multiple upload is provided:

A simple file manager has been developed that allows you to group the uploaded files:

Designed UI Kit allows you to develop a convenient service adhering to the common principles of building an interface.