Interface and guidelines for Krona

16 April

With the help of “Krona” real estate appraisers create exhaustive reports on the condition of apartments, office and industrial premises. For this service, we developed a strict and functional interface and created a detailed UI kit.

Сервис “Крона” предназначен для оценщиков недвижимости. С его помощью оценщики создают отчеты о

Service “Authors”

16 January

— Oh, I need an article about cryptocurrencies mining by Friday. Where can I get it?

— Don’t worry! Order it at the “Authors”.

“Authors” is a service that helps owners and editors of websites to receive content, and copywriters — to earn. But first — registration:


Washing Machine User Interface

14 January

Prokhim produces equipment for laundries and dry cleaners. These are large professional machines for washing, drying and dry cleaning. Their equipment is oriented to large specialized companies, it serves the needs of medical centers, restaurants, kindergartens and many other businesses where a lot of washing is required.

For a new washing machine with a color touch screen, we developed a touch interface:

Интерфейс стиральной машины. Главный экран

Hosting Control Panel NewOne

6 September

Owners of a startup, which provides cloud hosting services, needed to quickly launch a friendly admin area. We decided to use Google’s Material Design language:


BI-service NetDB

6 September

Business Intelligence (BI) processes large amounts of unstructured data to find strategic business opportunities. For the CHTD, we are developing interface of such a product — NetDB::


Service of apartment reservations VKrent

8 August

VKRent aggregates ads about the rental of real estate in one place. The most live base is here. We made it comfortable and beautiful:


Industrial Air Conditioning Sputnik

2 August

Industrial air conditioners are designed for data centers, telecommunication facilities, laboratory and other technological premises that require precise maintenance of climatic parameters. To control the air conditioning, we created a custom touch interface.


How we prototype

19 October

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a quick visual representation of a future product. The prototype allows you to see the projected system at the earliest stage. Prototype prev

Our best guidelines

17 October

Only developers can enjoy our beautiful interface guides. There we describe the styles, principles of the interface organization and show all the changes in the states of the elements.

For small projects, we confine ourselves to assembling all the hovers, drop-down menus and alerts in one layout:

GUI Vershi

Mobile app “Bus Tracker”

6 October

We made an app for tracking public transport. Through Bus Tracker you can find right transport routes and when next bus will arrive: